Who the hell are Greg and Sean??

Greg Carney

Greg is the Co-Executive CEO of Solarcrawler Power Management and Construction Design.  His years of experience at NASA, Boeing and Ferrarri have certainly helped to prepare him for his toughest project yet - the Solarcrawler.

Kudos to Greg for taking a stand against public urination.

Sean Burnett

photo by Jason Keel

Sean is the Senior VP of Solarcrawler Electronics Research Division and is in no way qualified to be doing the electronics design and build for this project.  Nevertheless, he insists on doing it.  He often curses his liberal arts degree, especially when he tries to use trigonometry to calculate bearings and what-not. 

As a child, Sean was mildly obsessed with the National Film Board of Canada's "Paddle to the Sea" and if you stretch your imagination, you can see how this eventually manifested into his role in the Solarcrawler project.